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What is it like to have power? You may say it's the ability to control or influence others. Power has many definitions, but a deeper meaning is the ability to have power over oneself, to be true to yourself. The world shifts the way we think, the way we move. Power can be misjudged because to some it means to be superior to others, it's all about having CONTROL over your own life. When that happens, no one can control you. Not your Mom, Dad, Aunt Jane who lives across the street or people with superiority complex. No one! To be ahead of time, it's also a sign of power. Whatever you want to do, DO IT NOW. so you have some control over time. Time has power over all of us, and most of us take it for granted, instead we complain, procrastinate, update social status, gossip, and entertain unnecessary activities. I know it's not easy, but you can't be immobile, asking God for help, when you are not helping yourself. When you have personal power, you are so in tune with yourself. This egotistical fueled society cannot have power over you when you know yourself; you will find your purpose and will be able to execute your dreams. Listen to your calling, and you shall succeed and influence others in a more positive way.

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